At Two Rocks Boat Lifters we make lifting your boat out of the water and maintaining it as smooth and as simple as possible. Two Rocks Boat Lifters offer an efficient boat lifting facility with a large sealed hard-stand area which can accommodate most sized vessels. 

The boat lifter is rated at 55 tonne. It is capable of lifting vessels up to 22m in length with a 7.5m beam.

The hard-stand provides a well organised, clean facility with water and power available. The yard has a wash-down area with a jet propelled power wash available for hire, as well as a forklift.

Not only do Two Rocks Boat Lifters provide a premium boat lifting service we also allow vessel owners to work on their boats and choose their own contractors at no extra charge*. Our friendly, helpful staff can recommend qualified, insurance approved contractors and can provide advice on all aspects of vessel maintenance.

Two Rocks Boat Lifters prices are the cheapest on the coast so come and experience the friendly, professional service you deserve.


Day Rate - $35.00



*Contractors must have appropriate insurance and work procedures.

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